We are Birmingham, UK,  based independent publishers with a strong interest in stories that inspire and delight children of all ages. We are brave enough to tackle childhood problems that many shy away from. Our stories are magical, informative and engaging, providing children and adults with tools to tackle 21st Century problems.

Our Children’s books are loved by young readers and their grown-ups.

Our highly successful fairy stories are fun engaging and combine lively characters often with a modern underlying health or lifestyle message.

Fairy stories for the 21st Century designed to stimulate and educate our readers and their grown-ups.


We accept submissions from authors, illustrators and literary agents.

Submit your story with an introduction that includes a summary of your story (no more than 500 words).  Please include your full name (and pseudonym if you use one), your postal address, any details of past writing experience and a brief summary of your book.

Please also tell us a bit about yourself and what makes your books original.

File size no more than 5 MB

Send to submissions@hairynostril.com

We do receive a lot of submissions so if you have not heard back from us within 6 weeks, we will not be taking your ideas forward.  Please do not let this discourage you. It just means that your book is not suitable for us. It may be suitable for another publisher.

Our next round of submissions for authors will open on 1st September 2019 and end on 30th September 2019 at the stroke of midnight.


Authors with hairy nostrils are encouraged to apply. If you don't have a hairy nostril, don't worry,  as all applications are  considered, however, you will be expected to work with folk who have hairy nostrils.